Enchanting Ride of a lifetime!

Enchanting Ride of a lifetime!

India one of the fastest growing economy, the biggest consumer market and a major tourist destination commands a visit to its terrain at least once in a lifetime. A perfect combination of the mountains and the plains, the peaks and the valleys, the gorges and cascading waterfalls, the surf and the sand, the verdant greens and the deserts in all their golden glory, beckon you to take a Royal Enfield trip to India to know it up close and personal.

Deciding to take up a bike tour is a courageous one and not for the weak hearted. It takes a great deal of grit and determination to embark on a Royal Enfield trip to India, but once you hit the road you will have no regrets whatsoever.


The diversity that you will see here is comparable to none. Whether it is in terms of the people you come across or the places you visit, the traditions that are followed, the festivals that are celebrated, and the culture of the different communities that live harmoniously or the languages that are spoken in the different geographical areas.

As you ride on your robust Royal Enfield bike on a trip to India along the vast coastline enjoying the pristine waters with waves breaking on the wonderful beaches, the sun, sand and surf beckons you to take a break. You can stretch out on the beachside loungers, sipping away coconut water and enjoying the melt in the mouth sea food delicacies at a shack by the beach, which will ensure that you will feel the stress and strain just melt away.


If you want to partake in the festivities of Indian festivals, the festival of colors Holi is the surefire one to ignite the spirit of joie de vivre. Seeing people enjoying, and dancing as they prepare for the oncoming festival days in advance is a sight to behold. To claim that none can remain unaffected by the joy this colorful festival brings along won’t be an exaggeration. The special delicacies, typical to Holi festival, prepared by the womenfolk, are sumptuous to say the least. Holi which marks the end of winters and the beginning of the spring season is the perfect embodiment of Indian culture of spreading joyous colors and love in the life of everyone.

The North of India, with some areas with sub zero temperatures are in direct contrast with the South of India, where high temperatures will have you running for cover. While riding your Royal Enfield to the North of India will allow you to take on the roughest of weather and highest of passes, a trip down South will see you biking along the longest coastlines among the lush greens with the aroma of spices hanging in the atmosphere.


While the state of Rajasthan brings you face to face with the Thar Desert and its golden dunes, the state of Gujarat will have the Rann of Kutchh with its silver sands laid out before you like a carpet. Both the states, rich in culture and tradition provide you with every conceivable modern luxury at your beck and call.

Wherever you decide to ride to on your beasty Royal Enfield Bikes on a trip to India; you will realize the myriad colors of this country are interwoven in such intricate beauty that while it is difficult to tell them apart, they each hold their own distinctiveness.