Nature’s Abundance Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

Nature’s Abundance Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

When the explorer within you beckons in a bid to leave the mundane to seek adventure and thrill it is time to head to the mountains. A trip to the land of high passes, a torch bearer to the history of the Indus Valley Civilization, a land of exotic Gonpas (Monasteries) & Stupas, is on the cards. Book a Leh Ladakh Bike tripand set out to the land bounded by two of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges, the Karakoram in the North and the great Himalayas in the South.

Ride thru the conduit through which Buddhism reached Tibet from the Indian subcontinent and got so deeply imprinted in the people of this region that it has become a way of life for them. Interact with the locals, who are humble and coy, as you make stopovers to refuel and refresh. On your Leh Ladakh bike trip you will bear testimony to the way the culture, tradition and ancestral customs have been kept alive and vibrant through the passage of time.


As you challenge these lofty mountain ranges on your Leh Ladakh Bike trip astride your Royal Enfields, you will come across some of the most scintillating sights and scenic beauty. This ride on the toughest terrain along some of the highest mountain passes will open vistas of great splendor and adventure. This ride is sure to have your adrenaline pumping and heart beating to a crescendo only matched by the thumping of your bikes.

The omnipresent Tibetan flags fluttering away in the cold breeze are a sight to behold and add to the liveliness of the area. The monks dressed in their monastic robes, the red cheeked children with their innocent yet inquisitive smiles, as they rally around you will be a memory that you will cherish for a long time.

The ride across Nubra Valley, a far flung but stunningly beautiful cold desert land, nestled in the high mountains, cradled by the lofty rugged peaks, green oasis and the silver sand dunes is a picturesque sight. The stopover at the Pangong Lake will be one of the most beautiful, majestic and memorable stay you will have as both you and your feisty Royal Enfield Bikes take a break from riding on the rough topography of the region.


The lake reflects the mountains that cradle its waters and the clouds that float aimlessly above, making it look like a picture postcard. The dawn and dusk both are worth witnessing as you lose yourself to the mesmerizing metamorphosis that takes place right before your eyes.

This land is a testament to the exuberance and abundance of nature which has been generously bestowed here. Whether it is the lush gorges and valleys, the high peaked mountains that disappear among the clouds, the snow packed passes, the green landscapes, and the species of flora and fauna that add zest to this region or the cascading waterfalls and beautiful pristine blue lakes, all add to the charm to this part of India.