An Adventurous snd Thrilling experience

An Adventurous snd Thrilling experience

download (18)Of course, no one wants to miss the most amazing wildlife journey in the world that is known as African Safari. Stunning wildlife and glorious landscapes, magnificent wildness makes Africa a place which is a worth to visit once in a lifetime. African Safari takes you on the journey of its vibrant and colorful wildlife. Different species of animals, birds and enriched forests promises an eye soothing experience.  Really you will find true adventure there. Hundreds of Zebras are crossing grasslands, flamingos giving a shining color to the lakes, roaring lions, splendid rhinoceros and the group of elephants crossing through forests.  So be prepared with your mind and spend your holidays in Africa. African Safari tour packages from India will be a truly a valuable visit.

Africa is the world’s second largest continent. There are many countries in Africa, so African Safari depends on upon in which region you are interested in visiting. East and South Africa are important regions to visit.Kenya, Namibia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia are some most visited states as they cover a larger portion of African wildlife and, have world’s well known National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries.You can undertake an African safari in various ways, such as on horseback or on the back of an elephant; walking, flying, ballooning or driving through the African land. So when you plan African Safari tour packages from India, you should be aware of the best time to visit.

Best time to visit –

The African continent is too big to cover and in such larger territorial area, it is very difficult to choose a suitable time for the visit. So any month can be suitable for a particular wildlife territory in the African continent as every area has its own climate suitability. But the dry season is considered being the best time for Safari as almost all kind of animal species congregate near the river or other water sources. So it is easier to see them in open otherwise in other seasons they don’t come outside from their caves.

High Season – Generally main dry season in East and South Africa fall from the month of May to October and this period is best suitable for African Safari in East and South Africa. Accommodation’s prices are higher in this period.

Low Season – It ranges from the month of November to March. It is a rainy season in southern Africa and another drier season for East Africa with humidity. So this season is prone to diseases and not suitable for Safari.