5 amazing destinations that you have no clue they exist

5 amazing destinations that you have no clue they exist

Have you heard Red Hot Chili Peppers the chart-buster song Road Trippin, “It’s time to leave this town; it’s time to steal away…” Everyone can get goose bumps even after listening to this old track number every time; such is the aura of traveling!

Thanks to the film like ‘Into the Wild’, as we now just think beyond just traveling. Well, there is an irresistible urge of wandering to amazing places away from the hum-drums of clichéd destinations – journeys that have secret places that most travelers are unaware of!

Here I bring you some under-the radar places that I am sure you certainly have no clue about! Take a guess, how many of them were you aware about?

1) Bosnia and Herzegovina

A European county with a chaotic history Bosnia and Herzegovina is still off the radar from crowding media and tourists. If you wish to ride, bike walk or swim, this tiny country has it all.

It is a place where everything is slow-paced- no hurry to reach on time, no honking of motor vehicles; moreover, this place looks like it has been taken straight out of a fairy tale. As this place is amazingly cheaper than neighboring European countries, you can enjoy the best of Bosnia and Herzegovina without constantly checking your pocket. So, hurry up and pack your bags immediately.

2) Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

It’s not always about beaches, when it comes to Croatia. If you think Croatia is quite famous for sun dipped beaches and crystal clear water then you are surely mistaken. Because, Croatia also comprises of a national park and world heritage site, Plitvice Lakes, is just one hell of a place.

Not just one lake but Plitvice is actually a combination of sixteen lakes that are interconnected to each other with waterfalls. Mind blowing! Isn’t it?

3) Flam Valley in Norway

Flam is a small village, which is situated in the heart of Western Norway. This place would definitely change your perception of heaven. Before jumping into conclusions, I would like to present you some natural wonders that this small town holds in its kitty. The Flam railway is the most famous attraction point of the Flam Valley. Get ready for an experience that you imagined while watching Hogwarts express!

4) Rock Cut Tombs of Myra in Turkey

When it comes to beautiful ruins, Turkey is one of the proud nations. The rock cut tombs of the Myra are not the remains of a dynasty that thrived in this region. But, rock cut tombs of Myra is living tales of the funerary moments of Lycian people.

These beautiful yet bizarre ruins of the early Greek civilization stand here amidst the present world, whispering the hidden stories from the past. Situated on the hills above the city, the sight of these temples is quite enough to raise your hair on the ends!

5) Nachi-no-Otaki in Japan

Nachi-no-Otaki can be seen from as far as Pacific Ocean and it is considered as the tallest waterfall in Japan. The complete aura surrounding this place is so magical; a holy land and Nachi-no-Otaki is preserved as a sanctuary of Kumano Nachi Taisha. This mystical land is still used for ascetic training and it is occupied by Mountain monks.

The fire festival is the most sacred festival in which monks dressed in white purify the waterfall with huge portable shrines. Behold yourself as this holy land will certainly leave you bowled over!

That was all about the amazing destinations across the world. Hope you have a pleasant experience.