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An Adventurous snd Thrilling experience

An Adventurous snd Thrilling experience

download (18)Of course, no one wants to miss the most amazing wildlife journey in the world that is known as African Safari. Stunning wildlife and glorious landscapes, magnificent wildness makes Africa a place which is a worth to visit once in a lifetime. African Safari takes you on the journey of its vibrant and colorful wildlife. Different species of animals, birds and enriched forests promises an eye soothing experience.  Really you will find true adventure there. Hundreds of Zebras are crossing grasslands, flamingos giving a shining color to the lakes, roaring lions, splendid rhinoceros and the group of elephants crossing through forests.  So be prepared with your mind and spend your holidays in Africa. African Safari tour packages from India will be a truly a valuable visit.

Africa is the world’s second largest continent. There are many countries in Africa, so African Safari depends on upon in which region you are interested in visiting. East and South Africa are important regions to visit.Kenya, Namibia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia are some most visited states as they cover a larger portion of African wildlife and, have world’s well known National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries.You can undertake an African safari in various ways, such as on horseback or on the back of an elephant; walking, flying, ballooning or driving through the African land. So when you plan African Safari tour packages from India, you should be aware of the best time to visit.

Best time to visit –

The African continent is too big to cover and in such larger territorial area, it is very difficult to choose a suitable time for the visit. So any month can be suitable for a particular wildlife territory in the African continent as every area has its own climate suitability. But the dry season is considered being the best time for Safari as almost all kind of animal species congregate near the river or other water sources. So it is easier to see them in open otherwise in other seasons they don’t come outside from their caves.

High Season – Generally main dry season in East and South Africa fall from the month of May to October and this period is best suitable for African Safari in East and South Africa. Accommodation’s prices are higher in this period.

Low Season – It ranges from the month of November to March. It is a rainy season in southern Africa and another drier season for East Africa with humidity. So this season is prone to diseases and not suitable for Safari.

5 amazing destinations that you have no clue they exist

5 amazing destinations that you have no clue they exist

Have you heard Red Hot Chili Peppers the chart-buster song Road Trippin, “It’s time to leave this town; it’s time to steal away…” Everyone can get goose bumps even after listening to this old track number every time; such is the aura of traveling!

Thanks to the film like ‘Into the Wild’, as we now just think beyond just traveling. Well, there is an irresistible urge of wandering to amazing places away from the hum-drums of clichéd destinations – journeys that have secret places that most travelers are unaware of!

Here I bring you some under-the radar places that I am sure you certainly have no clue about! Take a guess, how many of them were you aware about?

1) Bosnia and Herzegovina

A European county with a chaotic history Bosnia and Herzegovina is still off the radar from crowding media and tourists. If you wish to ride, bike walk or swim, this tiny country has it all.

It is a place where everything is slow-paced- no hurry to reach on time, no honking of motor vehicles; moreover, this place looks like it has been taken straight out of a fairy tale. As this place is amazingly cheaper than neighboring European countries, you can enjoy the best of Bosnia and Herzegovina without constantly checking your pocket. So, hurry up and pack your bags immediately.

2) Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

It’s not always about beaches, when it comes to Croatia. If you think Croatia is quite famous for sun dipped beaches and crystal clear water then you are surely mistaken. Because, Croatia also comprises of a national park and world heritage site, Plitvice Lakes, is just one hell of a place.

Not just one lake but Plitvice is actually a combination of sixteen lakes that are interconnected to each other with waterfalls. Mind blowing! Isn’t it?

3) Flam Valley in Norway

Flam is a small village, which is situated in the heart of Western Norway. This place would definitely change your perception of heaven. Before jumping into conclusions, I would like to present you some natural wonders that this small town holds in its kitty. The Flam railway is the most famous attraction point of the Flam Valley. Get ready for an experience that you imagined while watching Hogwarts express!

4) Rock Cut Tombs of Myra in Turkey

When it comes to beautiful ruins, Turkey is one of the proud nations. The rock cut tombs of the Myra are not the remains of a dynasty that thrived in this region. But, rock cut tombs of Myra is living tales of the funerary moments of Lycian people.

These beautiful yet bizarre ruins of the early Greek civilization stand here amidst the present world, whispering the hidden stories from the past. Situated on the hills above the city, the sight of these temples is quite enough to raise your hair on the ends!

5) Nachi-no-Otaki in Japan

Nachi-no-Otaki can be seen from as far as Pacific Ocean and it is considered as the tallest waterfall in Japan. The complete aura surrounding this place is so magical; a holy land and Nachi-no-Otaki is preserved as a sanctuary of Kumano Nachi Taisha. This mystical land is still used for ascetic training and it is occupied by Mountain monks.

The fire festival is the most sacred festival in which monks dressed in white purify the waterfall with huge portable shrines. Behold yourself as this holy land will certainly leave you bowled over!

That was all about the amazing destinations across the world. Hope you have a pleasant experience.

Top best summer destinations in India

Top best summer destinations in India

Are you planning a summer trip with your beloved ones to get rid of unbearable Scorching summer? But, before selecting the places for your vacation you must select which are the best places for summer holiday destinations to beat summer and you must aware of the climate and other geographical factors of the places.

So, I suggest you to choose hill stations or backwaters as they will keep you away from the humid climate and it will be absolutely cool. Here I prepared a list of the pristine and picturesque hill stations in India, which are definitely perfect and make your vacation wonderful and memorable. So, get ready to pack your bags to beat the scorching heat and enjoy the heavenly beauty of our nature gifted by GOD.

1) Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir

Charming hill station Pahalgam will surely make you to feel and experience the true colors of the nature. This hill station is one of the most popular summer destinations of our World. Pahalgam is certainly one of the best summer destinations you can ever travel to, considering the number of tourist attractions, such as Kolohoi Glacier, Betaab Valley and a lot of nightclubs to party in. You will find no shortage of areas to purchase all kind of things since it happens to be a shopper’s paradise.

2) Munnar, Kerala

When it comes to hill stations, God’s own country Kerala tops the list. Munnar – one of the best picturesque hill stations in India is located 1,600m above the sea level. It is frequently called as the Green Capital of India and is laced with scenic mountains, tea and coffee plantations, rolling hilltops. Munnar is adorned with palm fringed beaches, ancient temples, coastal villages and various flora and fauna. Finally, we can say Munnar is a true cradle of nature.

3) Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Srinagar is located on the banks of the Jhelum River and it is one of the most attractive summer getaways in the entire world. It is filled with a lot of scenic natural spots and Srinagar is often called as the ‘Kashmiri Venice’. Because of these things, many tourists all over the world have flocked to Capri in hopes of finding their own magical moments worth treasuring. Witness the mesmerizing beauty of this piece of paradise and enjoy the beauty of the Dal Lake.

4) Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal is emerging as a top summer destination for youth and this is certainly a most popular choice for vacationers. Embraced by evergreen forests, Kodaikanal is also referred as the ‘Gift of the Forests’. Be it stunning waterfalls, ancient caves, striving water bodies tranquil forest areas and ancient caves, Kodaikanal will surely melt your heart when you’re with your loved ones. Kodaikanal is also known as the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’.

5) Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ooty is one of the best summer destinations to beat the scorching heat and you will have a wonderful time spending the hot summer here. It is touted to be a main hub for the honeymooners and nature lovers as well. You can experience pleasant and coolness and you can also visit botanical gardens, tea plantation and Pykara Lake or enjoy a ride on the Nilgiri Toy train in Ooty.

So make your summer vacation more special by planning a trip to any of the above mentioned stunning destination surrounded by snow-capped mountains and thick pinewood forests. So, immediately plan a trip to any of these locations and experience a wonderful summer vacation.

Experience The Real Fun of Golf at Abu Dhabi Golf Day Trip

Experience The Real Fun of Golf at Abu Dhabi Golf Day Trip

Dubai – A land of dreams has all the traits which you might have always dreamed of in your imaginations. This land is not just renowned for its royalty factor but also for its beauty and simplicity as well. These all factors make it a dream destination for those who love to plan foreign trips with their friends or family.

If you are planning a foreign trip with, then Dubai can be a great option to visit this time. Experiencing the most artistic creations, ocean, beaches, desert, wildlife, hotels, malls, sky touching towers or buildings like Burj Khalifa certainly will make your journey a memorable one for you. All in all, Dubai can be called as one such destination which meets up with all the requirements and enjoyment factor of a trip.

Another major factor that makes Dubai, one of the highly preferred places to visit is its greatness and passion for golf. Yes, Dubai holds a great love for golf and thus is renowned for their golf teaching courses as well. Places like- Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club and Jebel Ali Golf Resort are highly acknowledged as one great source for learning the tactics and all the in’s and out’s of the golf in a detailed manner. But to make it happen, a lot of efforts on your part are required, such as- doing the right kind of arrangements for your foreign trip. Now-a-days, there are countless tour and travel agencies which ensure you quality services and let you get rid of your worries of different arrangements.

Seawings Lifestyle is one such agency which offers you with thrilling road trips, air tours, desert safari tours and visits to multiple renowned sightseeing spots. To add icing to the cake, they provide you two-night stay at the Park Hyatt hotel , a five-star hotel with elegant views over the fairways and the famous Dubai Creek. Along with this, a special outing to Abu Dhabi Golf Day Trip where they let you avail a chance to learn golf.

Here, you will get an opportunity to spark up your passion for golf by playing in the enlarged golf gardens with cushioned grass giving you all the comfort of playing. The golf experts are all at your service to start the golf learning process from the stretch for you. So, now what are you waiting for?? A refreshing and thrilling experience is waiting for you. Go ahead and plan a Dubai tour for you, today. Hurry!!!