Get your Adrenaline Rushing by Visiting These Must See Adventurous Places in Canada

Get your Adrenaline Rushing by Visiting These Must See Adventurous Places in Canada

The second largest country in the world, Canada’s marvelous geographical landscape attracts people from all over the globe. Abounding natural beauty, snow laded land, green forests and rivers with rich wildlife, flora and fauna, monuments narrating the history of cultural heritage, lofty mountains and much more to explore make Canada tourism hot.
From trekking up to snow capped mountains to strolling on the shores of the lakes, visiting historical sites, Canada offers a range of activities to complete a travel experience of life time. Visiting Canada will ensure that your thirst for viewing amazing locales, natural beauty and splurging on delicious food.

People looking for the adrenalin rush can look forward to some exciting Canada adventurous places.

Enjoy mountain biking in Quebec


One can begin with Mountain biking in Quebec. This French speaking province infused with European culture offers rough and rugged terrain and woodlands, giving the bikers an unforgettable experience.

Love water sports? Nova Scotia awaits you

The water sports lovers can ride the tidal bore in Nova Scotia. This area receives the highest tidal waves in the world. To experience this spectacular phenomenon up close and personal, one can ride the tidal bore at the mouth of the Shubenacadie River in the Bay of Fundy. A true roller coaster ride where the Shubenacadie River transforms from the sea of calmness to heavy rush of the seawater pushing inland.

Go hiking on the Skerwink Trail

Another most adventurous place to visit in Canada is the Skerwink Trail. It is one of the best hiking coastal trails in America and Europe. This trail is walkable only in the spring time and features some of the exotic things like icebergs, sea stacks, whales and the picturesque views of Port Rexton and Trinity. In some places the trail is steep and very close to the cliff edges where the hikers can get a feeling of standing on the edge.

Meet the Whales at Vancouver Island

Whale watching is one of the most favorite things on the to do list of the travelers. No better place than the Vancouver Island in Canada for whale watching. One of the best ways of whale watching in on the Kayaks. This place is home to Orcas and the humpback and minke whales. The best time to visit this place is summers when the orca cruise takes off to pick off salmon as this is the salmon spawning season. Various kayaking tours are organized for the tourists.

Cycle your way through the Cabot Trail

Cycling is another very loved activity by the tourists. The Cabot trail offers one of the most breathtaking views making your cycling experience one of its kind. Winding up and down the mountains, this trail passes through the Cape Breton Highland National Park.

Meet the Polar Bears at Wapusk National Park

Experience the magic of the Polar Bears at the Wapusk National Park where the tourists can witness the Polar Bears and other animals of the Arctic. During the winter months when the Hudson Bay Freezes, the Polar Bears move out hunting. This is the best time to experience this magic.

Some more water sports at Tofino beaches

Water sports adventure can be experienced through surfing at Tofino beaches situated amidst flagged by lush green rain forests. The place offers one of the most consistent surf with water temperatures best suited for the purpose.

Paddle through to watch Icebergs in Newfoundland


Another adventure in which the tourists can indulge in is the viewing of icebergs in the northern and eastern coasts of Newfoundland. One can either paddle in a kayak or take a boat tour or hike along to watch the parade of icebergs in white and aquamarine.

Visit the Algonquin Park for camping

The Algonquin Park is one of the largest provincial parks of Canada which people can explore either on foot of through a canoe and treat their eyes with some spectacular views of nature. Camping is one of the most sought after activities of this place. If visiting in the month of May, you can engage in trout fishing here.

Canada is a complete adventure holiday package offering rafting, hiking, mountain biking surfing and many other fun sporting activities. To experience the magic of Canadian Adventure, one has to apply for the Canada visit visa. Canada is a treat for the adventure lovers and they can experience the magic of these activities in this country.

One can come back with fond memories and desire to go back and indulge in the activities once again. The captivating landscape, the warm azure waters, the lush green rain forests, the winding lanes will beckon the travelers to come back and relive the moments. These most adventurous places to visit in Canada will leave a mark on every tourists when they experience the thrill of these places and provoke tourists with a burning desire to come back.